Scan to BIM is digitally capturing existing structural surface data with 3D Scan To Cad London to enable digital development or create a 3D model known as Building Information Modelling (BIM) with a range of┬áLevels of Details 100 – 400.

3D laser scanners generate a range of density (low to high) point clouds of a physical building, structure, or site, which is then used to produce and maintain an “as-built” BIM model.

Scan to BIM London models include as-built documentation, project renovations, extensions, additions and alterations, change of use, and even facility management. Scan to BIM models are also valuable for comparing original plans, topographic registration, and other tasks.

Level of Details (LOD) for Existing Building in BIM

The technician creates a REVIT project and uses the point cloud to build levels and matching views with regard to the LODs. Walls, doors, windows, the roof, and other critical architectural and structural components will be created for the model.

The provision of Level of Details (LOD) is listed below.

LOD 100: Basic Mass model of the existing structure

LOD 200: Basic Structural model with structural components, door and window openings.

LOD 300: (The standard Architecture model) LOD 200 details plus outer frame of doors and windows and fixed furniture.

LOD 400: (The Detailed Architectural model) LOD 300 details plus internal fame details of door and window.